Learn Italian: Numbers 20-100 – i numeri – Italian – italiano – EASY!

In this video, https://youtu.be/RhuELjNUsfk, I show you how to use numbers, how to spell, how to count, how to speak, and how to interchange languages effectively! I educate you on the numbers 20-100 and how easy it is!

Here is the summary of how to do it all:

For the ones and eights in the tens, you just chop off the first vowel from the tens and add the one or eight. I know this sounds confusing, so here is how I will show you! i.e. The number 21. WE know 20 is venti. 1 is uno. Instead of just doing this, venti+uno = ventiuno… We can’t do that! We have to chop off the i vowel in venti and have the stem, “vent” and just add the “uno” to it to make “VENTUNO.” The same goes for 28: venti+otto, remove the i vowel in venti and have the stem, “vent” and just add the “otto” to it to make “VENTOTTO.” Follow suit for the following tens and that’s the trick! 31. Trentuno, 38. Trentotto 41. Quarantuno, 48. Quarantotto 51. Cinquantuno, 58. Cinquantotto 61. Sessantuno, 68. Sessantotto 71. Settantuno, 78. Settantotto 81. Ottantuno, 88. Ottantotto 91. Novantuno, 98. Novantotto And 100… WELL, that’s just CENTO.

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