Learn Italian – How To Conjugate Regular IRE Verbs in Italian

In this video, https://youtu.be/r0gFpbsz5Lg, I teach you how to conjugate regular verbs that end in -ire. It is a simple process; follow the table and you will be able to complete these assignments in no time! Conjugating is easy and once you get the hang of it, it becomes so much easier. For io, the ending is o. For tu, the ending is i. For lui/lei/Lei, the ending is e. For noi, the ending is iamo. For voi, the ending is ite. For loro/Loro, the ending is ono. Once you have these written and placed in a table, memorize them, and you will be absolutely fine. I used some vocabulary in here that were relevant to the verbs chosen. The verbs used in this video were partire (to leave) and servire (to serve). I hope this helps you.

Vocabulary from the lesson:

l’argentina: Argentina, la spagna: Spain, la Colombia: Columbia, il cile: Chile, gli stati uniti: The United States, l’inghilterra: England, gli ospiti: the guests, la famiglia: the family, la ragazza: the girl, il cliente: the client, le persone: the persons/the people, la patria/il paese: the homeland/the country, per: for.

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