Italy’s Republic Day

Words of the Day. Le parole del giorno.

Republic Day.

La Festa della Repubblica.

Today, June 2, marks Italy’s birth of being a Republic. 1946 is when Italy voted to break free of the monarchy it fell under. Today, Italy, finally, after lengthy turmoil and doubts for the future, finally have come to a resolve. Italy is now under a populist government. Its (tricolored flag) (green, white, and red), (bandiera tricolore) (verde, bianco, e rosso) are significant to this day as well. Verde indicates prosperity (land) Italy fought for. Bianco indicates peace (purity) Italy fought for. Rosso indicates sacrifice (bloodshed) Italy fought for. You can go here to see the video I created:

Symbolic to this day and prominence in Italy is that every year there is a wreath placed by Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Republic Day. This is highly significant; it is to honor, to pay tribute, and to participate in a collective ritual to those fallen defending this great country. The tomb also features an eternal flame – it is a sight to see, finally sculpted since 1924.

This Nationwide holiday basically shuts everything down in Italy whether it be some forms of transportation, government offices, banks, schools, post offices, shops, restaurants, and more. This Day is beyond significant. The Corazzieri are the Italian president’s guards. These soldiers participate in the Republic Day parade in Italy.

Buona Festa della Repubblica!

Happy Republic Day!

This blog post was crafted by TheItalianGuru also known as RealItalianGuru. The author of this blog is Christopher Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano. The material in this blog is Copyright, with All Rights Reserved.


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