Words of the Day Sunday

Although today in the USA (hey, that rhymes) Father’s Day is celebrated. In Italy however, it is celebrated on March 19th. March 19 is also to honor St. Joseph. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the Universal Church. It is said in the Gospels that he went on to wed the Virgin Mary, and it states he is the corporeal Father of Jesus Christ. St. Joseph believed in grace at the moment of death; he is said to be the patron of a happy death.

The words are:

Festa del Papà: Father’s Day.

Buona Festa del Papà: Happy Father’s Day.

This blog post was crafted by TheItalianGuru also known as RealItalianGuru. The author of this blog is Christopher Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano. The material in this blog is Copyright, with All Rights Reserved.


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