Living Life the Italian Way

Italians value the importance of the finer things in life. However, in this case, we’re not referring to jewels or riches.

Their pride, their passion, their love for those around them – these are just some of the traits that make their sense of living so unique for us. For an Italian, they need quality and beauty in all things related to them.

From their attire to their eloquence, they maintain a certain aura that elevates the exceptionality of their culture. This is probably why Italian culture is so respected around the world.

So if you’re willing to learn more about it, here are some things you should know about living the Italian way!

Everything in Moderation

It’s not a gross generalization. Italians love their food and they’re proud of it. Yet, the country itself boasts one of the lowest adulthood obesity rates in Europe. And this is because they don’t just scarf down gelato and pasta whenever they want to.

While they do love their food, they balance their intake with a supply of fresh fruits, vegetables and a whole lot of walking. They enjoy the best of both worlds.

Show Passion

Italians are an expressive community. They’ll tell you how they feel to your face (using tact), they’ll show their love for you, and will fight with you when they need to.

Whatever emotion they feel, they express it. Italians don’t let fear dictate their lives, especially when it comes to love.

Often with love, we’ll fear that things might not turn out well; we’ll fear what others will say about us, or what we might miss in life. But Italians approach love head-on and experience it fully.

Love Thy Family

Italians value relationships. They’ll let hours go by in conversations with friends and family and will do everything they can to show the one they love that they are a priority.

In short, Italians value connections and relationships over their obligations. They’ll never be ‘in a rush’ or ‘too busy’ to talk to you, even if they are.

Cherish Your Wine

Italy houses one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions so you can be sure that Italians love their wine.

However, for an Italian, their experience of wine differs from how we perceive it. While we may guzzle it down because we just like the taste, Italians turn wine drinking into an experience. They drink to enjoy, not so they can get drunk.

In fact, you’ll often see them disapprove of those who get wasted. Italians like their alcohol, but they don’t want it to influence their personality.


Christopher Carovillano

So take your inspiration! Use this information to make your life better. Let Italy be your guide to a happier, more fulfilling future!

About the Blogger:

Having garnered the nickname The Italian Guru by his family and friends, Christopher Carovillano is a learner who uses his past experiences to grow in mind and wisdom. As an Italian teacher, Christopher Carovillano strives to use what he learned from the language and culture to help others understand the Italian style of living.

This blog post was crafted by TheItalianGuru also known as RealItalianGuru. The author of this blog is Christopher Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano. The material in this blog is Copyright, with All Rights Reserved.


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