Italian Words and Phrases Every Traveler Should Know

Italian Words and Phrases Every Traveler Should Know

One thing Italians are known for is their style of communication.

Expressive and loud, Italians are known for their passion for all matters, which is something one clearly sees when they speak as well.

As such, it’s only reasonable that if you’re to travel to Italy, you must do your best to talk like them, or at least speak their language so they can understand you.

Here, I present a list of some Italian phrases and words that you as a travel need in your travel log. Note them in your diary and use them when needed.

List of Italian Travel Words

  • Buon Giorno – Good morning. (Use this as often as you can. When you enter a shop, sit down for lunch or enter a booth)
  • Buona Sera – Good evening. (Use after four o’clock in the afternoon)
  • Buona Notte – Good night.
  • Ciao – Hello. (Typically, you can use ciao with friends and Buon giorno or Buena Sera with people you’re not familiar with)
  • Grazie – Thank you.
  • Grazie Mille – Thanks a lot.
  • Prego – You’re welcome
  • Scusa – Excuse me. (Informal. Always use if you speak to a local)
  • Mi Scusi – Excuse me. (Formal. Use with strangers)
  • Mi dispiace – I’m sorry. (Native speakers also say scusa to apologize)
  • Sì – yes
  • No – no
  • Riguardati – Take care
  • Ci Vediamo – See you
  • Ma Certo – Of course/definitely
  • Per favore – Please (use this phrase when making a request)

List of Italian Travel Phrases

You’ll probably not have any trouble finding someone in Italy who speaks English. But don’t assume that everyone will know the language. When speaking to a native Italian, make it clear beforehand that you’re not fluent in their language then try to make conversation by using the phrases below. They’ll appreciate that you’re making the effort.

  • Parla inglese – Do you speak English?
  • Non Parlo Italiano – I don’t speak spanish
  • Non Capisco – I don’t understand
  • Parli Piano, per favore – Please speak slowly
  • Come Ti Chiami? – What is your name?
  • Come va? – How are you?
  • Piacere di Conoscerti – Nice to meet you
  • Bene – Fine
  • Molto bene – very well
  • Sono ______ – Sono means I am (so you can add your occupation if asked che lavoro fai?)

List of Italian Phrases for Direction

  • Dove? – Where
  • Dov’è il ______ – Where is the ______
  • Il Museo – museum
  • Il teatro – theatre
  • Il supermarcato – supermarket
  • Il stazione – train station
  • L’aeroporto – Airport
  • L’ospedale – hospital
  • Il stazione di polizia – police station
  • Si gira a sinistra – Turn left
  • Si gira a destra – Turn right
  • Si va dritto – Go straight
  • Si va in quella direzione – go that way
  • Si va indietro – go back
  • Lontano – Far (this also means your destination isn’t within walking distance so you should probably get a cab)
  • Vicino – near

General Phrases for Emergency

  • Aiuto! – help!
  • Chiamate un’ambulanza! Call an ambulance
  • Farmacia— Pharmacy
  • Ladro! — Thief!
  • Chiama Uno, Uno, Otto! – Call 1-1-8 (the emergency number in Italy)
  • Chiamate la polizia!— Call the police!

There you go! With these basic lists of words and phrases, you’ll have no problem communicating with the locals on your trip to Italy!

About the Blogger:

Having garnered the nickname The Italian Guru by his family and friends, Christopher Carovillano is a learner who uses his past experiences to grow in mind and wisdom. As an Italian teacher, Christopher Carovillano strives to use what he learned from the language and culture to help others understand the Italian style of living.

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