Word of the Day – Abbiocco

Word of the Day – Abbiocco

When words aptly express feeling, that’s when you realize the true purpose of language and what we can achieve through it.

Don’t dismiss this thought as simple drivel.

We use language as a basic form of communication. But in many instances, we’re still unable to express ourselves fully when it comes to some complex forms of emotions. However, Italians and the Italian language don’t have that problem.

What Does Abbiocco Mean?

In true Italian form, abbiocco is a word related to food and the peace that ensues after we’ve had a meal.

Abbiocco is a phrase given to that feeling when you’ve had a big meal, then you feel that drowsiness hit you. Abbiocco is that drowsiness.

Similar in meaning to the Spanish word siesta, abbiocco is a simple word, given to a very hedonistic emotion that many of us feel throughout the day.

Now, you could fight abbiocco by having coffee, listening to music or becoming more invested in your work. But the truth is that there is no real cure to abbiocco except to close your eyes for 2 minutes and to just revel in that feeling.

Abbiocco was given to that feeling of drowsiness because for an Italian, there is a certain element connected to food and relaxation. In Italian culture, food is given a lot of importance. So any feeling related to it is considered important as well. The Italian experience for having food is meant to give the eater some time to really enjoy it, the textures and the flavors and the mood that ensues after one’s had that lunch. Food is serious business in Italy, so if there’s anything related to food especially abbiocco, it’s probably better if you understand its importance and revel in it as well.

About the Blogger:

Having garnered the nickname The Italian Guru by his family and friends, Christopher Carovillano is a learner who uses his past experiences to grow in mind and wisdom. As an Italian teacher, Christopher Carovillano strives to use what he learned from the language and culture to help others understand the Italian style of living.

This blog post was crafted by TheItalianGuru also known as RealItalianGuru. The author of this blog is Christopher Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano. The material in this blog is Copyright, with All Rights Reserved.


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