Word of the Day

#Vitality. Grab a seat on this bench! Being by the #water always is pleasant. #Studies have shown, and I guess I can vouch for these studies, that being by the water is a pretty damn good #feeling. Water is a #beneficial and important #element in our lives. Being by any body of water is proven to bolster our #mentalhealth. Water releases negative ions, which, in turn, help us reduce and relieve #stress. The #flow of negative ions send #oxygen to our brains giving us jolts of #energy, #focus, and #tranquility. The #soundwaves of water alone have certain ryhthms that go in tune with how our own internal rythym flows: #soothing. By coalescing, we are able to find #peace and #serenity. I chose this picture because it takes me back to when I was a child and today, as an adult, it is rewarding to revisit.

Word of the Day:

Bench – Panchina
The bench – La panchina
A bench – Una panchina
Benches – Panchine
The benches – Le panchine

#Thankyou for supporting #me.

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This blog post was crafted by TheItalianGuru also known as RealItalianGuru. The author of this blog is Christopher Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano. The material in this blog is Copyright, with All Rights Reserved.


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