3 Towns In Southern Italy You Must Visit!

3 Towns In Southern Italy You Must Visit!

Italy is a gorgeous country with many popular destinations that attract millions for holidays and vacations. As a tourist destination, Italy is most known for its diversity, in terms of the landscape,the culture and cuisine in each region. The North feels extremely different from the South. Some even feel like the South is a completely different country.

In fact the North and South are so different that to the non-native speaker, even the language might sound different. That is, of course, true for all languages where the accent varies and so do some parts of the speech. However, all this creates for an entire unique experience for a traveler in the South of Italy.

Southern Italy is full of what I like to call, ‘the Italian charm’ in the shape of beautiful towns and breathtaking beaches perfect for a lazy day to simply relax and unwind. Referred to as “Mezzogiorno”, which translates to “mid-day”, southern Italy is home to some of the most historically significant towns and places.

If this isn’t enough to inspire you to make a trip, here are some southern Italian towns that may change your mind!


Well, okay. Technically Naples is a city, but it is definitely a must-see if you are making a trip down south Italy.

Locally known as the largest city in the south, Naples or Napoli is the birthplace of everyone’s favorite food: the pizza. Napoli has a very strong personality with streets that wind down alleys and express a hint of influence from Africa. Some popular destinations you may want to head over to while you are there are the medieval castles, Castle Nuovo and Castel del’Ovo.


Nestled among the mountains of the south, Castelmezzano is one of the most beautiful towns in south Italy. Historically, this town was a hiding spot for bandits in the 19th century due to the landscape of the town. Rest assured, this is not the case today. With a small population of around 1000 people, Castelmezzano is one of the busiest towns in the summer months.


Set on the countryside, Matera is a town you definitely need to visit if you’re someone who is fascinated by old architecture and hilltop views. What once were homes are now a stunning hilltop settlement, called Sassi di Matera, filled with breathtaking views and beautiful architecture.

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