What To Expect When You’re Visiting Italy In The Fall

What To Expect When You’re Visiting Italy In The Fall

I may be a bit biased as an Italian when I say this, but even the most frequent travelers to Italy can’t help but be awestruck by the Italian charm, no matter what the season is. The summer months are typically the busiest in terms of tourism but the country remains to be a sight to see throughout the year.

There is something special about the autumn time in Italy as the crowds begin to die down and the temperatures begin to fall. The countryside becomes vibrant with autumn colors and some of the best produce begins to hit the farmer’s markets.

If visiting Italy is on your travel bucket list, fall may be the best time to check it off as you will be able to experience some of the seasonal pleasure that are unique to the country around the autumn time. Here are few reasons to inspire your visit to Italy in the fall.

You Get To Choose The Temperature

Sounds weird, right? It’s not! While the temperatures in August become slightly too hot to enjoy, September is far more pleasant with temperatures ranging from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the day time.

October and November is where the country experiences rainy weather along with sunny days especially in Northern Italy. The middle of Italy remains warmer than the north and the southern region becomes pleasantly mild toward November.

The Best Time To See Fresh Produce

For centuries, the Italian autumn has been the best time in terms of the harvest of the freshest produce. The peninsula has been blessed with rich soils that produce the finest quality olives and grapes.

In recent years, vineyards have opened their gates to tourists to help with the harvesting as they enjoy the wine produced from the fruits later on in the day. Picking grapes and olives from the orchards is a slice right out of the traditional Italian culture and is also a great idea for a fun family activity.

Experiencing The Local Sagre

With the fresh produce flooding the markets and the Italian love for food and celebration, come the favorite time of the year for many Italians. The autumn is the best time to experience Italy in terms of our traditional sagrewhich may very well turn out to be the highlight of your entire trip!

There’s quite literally a festival in each town, where you can experience the best of the Italian cuisine. From wine tasting to truffles, porcini mushrooms and polenta, you can get a taste of a variety of authentic Italian produce.

Want to learn more about the Italian culture?

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