5 Italian Innovations That Made The World A Better Place

5 Italian Innovations That Made The World A Better Place

Italians are known the world over for their cuisine, exclusive Italian boots and their incredible sense in fashion. Italian culture has impacted more than a few aspects of the European culture, having sown the seeds of innovation back in the Renaissance period. Italian innovation and design continues to influence the world today.

Let us take a moment to celebrate the Italian culture and its contribution to some of the world’s most significant innovations today. Whether these innovations make the world a better place or not, they sure do contribute to making the food on out plates tastier and pleasant to look at in the form of aesthetics.

One thing is for certain- if it’s made in Italy, it definitely is something that’s top notch and a class apart.

Every Coffee Lover’s First Love: The Espresso Machine

Whether you are a coffee lover or not, you can’t deny the warmth the smell freshly brewed coffee brings to you. Espresso machines came into being in 1884 in the city of Turin- one of the most important business and cultural hubs of the country. The machine was designed by a local entrepreneur Angelo Moriondo and although he initial design is nothing like the modern day espresso machine, we’re still grateful to be blessed with this contraption that helps us wake up every morning!

Italian Sports Cars

While Italians can’t take credit for the first sports car or famous names like the Lamborghini or the Ferrari, Italian sports cars remain to be some of the most popular specimens out there. Sports car lovers will never deny the beauty and immaculate design of the Alfa Romeao, Lancia or the Maserati!

The Jacuzzi

A stay at a luxury spa or a hotel feels incomplete without having hopped into the Jacuzzi and having all your troubles be forgotten with the help of warm water and air, emulating the effects of a hot spring. The modern day Jacuzzi was first developed by a family of Italian immigrants who had settled in California in the 1960’s. Over the years, the design has been improved and now includes a pump integrated in the bath tub. Surely, the world owes one to Candido Jacuzzi for granting us this therapeutic invention!

The Piano

The instrument that has inspired classical musicians since centuries and now inspires pop artists to produce acoustic versions of their best selling songs – the piano! The piano came into being at the end of the 17th century, designed by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Although the original shape and design of the classical instrument is known to be much larger than the grand piano as we know it, the instrument has been the reason musical prodigies like Mozart and Beethoven have moved the world!


Believe it or not, the batteries that we use in our phones, laptops, remotes and other electronic devices today are present courtesy of the Italians! Italian scientist Alessandro Volta is the inventor of the battery, which he then called the “voltaic pile”. The invention came into being in the early 1800’s and continues to shape modern technological innovation!

Interested in learning more about the Italian culture and way of life?

Christopher V. Carovillano, a.k.a. The Italian Guru started his career as an Italian language instructor and now uses his experience as a first generation Italian to talk about the Italian way of life. Christopher Carovillano reaches out to his audience through his blog and YouTube channel and believes that the gift of friendship is the best thing that one can offer to another person in this life.

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