Happy New Year!

What do a female dog and a dirty pig have in common? Well, my Narcissistic and sociopathic, psychotic ex of 4 years and the fang-toothed shit eating grinned “Simba” she kept quiet and hush-hush about lied about not cheating on me with finally have each other! Yes! The two people she tried playing at once and he settled lol, the same guy who was crazy for her since the 10th grade (lmfao), 7 years after, 🤣 finally got his “dream” girl in summer 2018 and can keep together in 2019 and for eternity! 😂 Lmao, perfect for one another. Cheaters never change and those without game will never have game! 😅

I am so blessed. Better now than later… Thank you God.

I’ll keep the tags at a minimum, a lucky 13, and not even virally publicize it to just to see how many likes this post actually gets. 100+ promise. 💯

Italian Word of the Day:

Happy New Year’s Eve – Felice Vigilia di Capodanno

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