Italian Words of the Day

Whelp, the fever is terrible and being sick just ruins everything. The flu sucks. Sweating sucks. Aching body, sucks. Eyes hurting… SUCKS. COUGHING LIKE I’M ON LEAN and tasting blood with it being all dry with muscle spasms… SUCKS. Ears ringing… Though I’ve never taken lean lmao. But I have to keep the feed on with learning! Here’s a lot for you to learn.

Italian Words of the Day:

Thermometer – Termometro
The thermometer – Il termometro
A thermometer – Un termometro

Fever – Febbre
The fever – La febbre
A fever – Una febbre

Sick – Malato/a

Flu – Influenza
The flu – L’influenza

Ear – Orecchio
The ear – L’orecchio
An ear – Un orecchio

Ears – Orecchi
The ears – Gli orecchi

Cough – Tosse
A cough – Una tosse
The cough – La tosse

To sweat – Sudore
The sweat – Il sudore

Muscle – Muscolo
The muscle – Il muscolo
A muscle – Un muscolo

Muscles – Muscoli
The muscles – I muscoli

Spasm – Spasmo
The spasm – Lo spasmo
A spasm – Uno spasmo

Blood – Sangue
The blood – Il sangue

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