Learn Italian & Learn How to Cook: Italian Words of the Day & Cooking – Butter, Bread 🍞

In this video, throw or toss (lol) the rolled out dough in the hot pan. Add butter to taste. Cook until brown on medium heat. Have fun and enjoy the delightful taste of potato filled bread. Yummy.

Easy potato filled bread/tortilla.

All you need is dough, butter, flour, cilantro, steamed potatoes, salt to taste, and cumin seeds.

Cut dough.
Roll it until flat.
Add flour.
Steam potatoes and form balls with chopped cilantro and potatoes.
Place potatoes with cilantro in dough.
Fold dough with the mix.
Roll dough until flat.
Place in hot pan.
Add butter to taste.
Cook each side til golden brown.

That’s amore.

Original video on how to do all this stuff: https://youtu.be/ZopRsBUlc10


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P.S. “Learning new words every day keeps the Language barrier at bay.”


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