Welcome to #MindfulMonday – Ancora Imparo – #I’m Learning Still,” said Michelangelo

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#LearnItalian #SpeakItalian #TheItalianGuru

Excuse me whilst I have fun with my #AREmoji lol.

Mindful Mondays is a new segment that I am rolling out for every Monday. It will focus on Italian proverbs and quotes. These will be reminders to, stay focused, keep on your toes, and keep trying, by never giving up. The only way to find your calling is to take different directions. I just want to reach out to you and let you know that Michelangelo, a sculptor, poet, and more, was learning every single day. His famous quote was, “Ancora Imparo.” It is perfectly fine and it is perfectly fair for us to be questioning what we are doing in our lives. When you question, that’s when you feel alive. And that’s when you grow.

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