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*DISCLAIMER: IT IS OCTOBER AND WE DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE LIFE VESTS, IT IS TOO COLD FOR THE WATER RIGHT NOW… Before the video we talked about the summertime and how badly we missed the water and beach… THIS WAS MEANT TO TEACH YOU LIFE VESTS IN A FUN AND EDUCATIONAL WAY, THAT IS ALSO ENJOYABLE. *However, stick around to the end of the video and you will have the correct format of SAFETY VEST as well as in this description.

Italian Word of the Day Wednesday ft. @JIXIFOX – Learn Italian, Speak Italian, Gather new Vocabulary Terms.

With @JIXIFOX, we’re breaking the barriers and bringing fun to #ItalianWordOfTheDay Wednesdays. Thanks to #AREmoji we were able to bring #comedy and #satire for you to #LearnItalian and #SpeakItalian by yours truly, #TheItalianGuru aka #ChristopherCarovillano.

Life vest: Giubbotto di salvataggio
The life vest: Il giubbotto di salvataggio
A life vest: Un giubbotto di salvataggio

Life vests: Giubbotti di salvataggio
The life vests: I giubbotti di salvataggio

Safety Vest: Giubbotto di sicurezza
The safety vest: Il giubbotto di sicurezza
A safety vest: Un giubbotto di sicurezza

Safety vests: Giubbotti di sicurezza
The safety vests: I giubbotti di sicurezza

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