Italian Autumn Words You Must Know

Italian Autumn Words You Must Know / Learn Italian, Speak Italian #WordOfTheDayWednesday
In this long, educational video, I provide to you Vocabulary in Italian that you should know for studying, travel, or even leisure.

These Italian Autumn Words That You Should Know will certainly have you ready and excited to have a ton of fun in Italy all while being prepared.

I talk about Castagnata and Caldarrosta which are Chestnut Festivals held in literally every small village, the clothing and accessories you’d need if and when it gets chilly, rainy, and even windy, as well as the terms for foliage and leaves. The list continues with helpful information and travel tips for what you should pack and the great foods and rare items you can encounter. In a bosco, or the woods, you’ll find nuts, mushroom, tartufo, and can even have a piece of America in Italy with hot chocolate, or cioccolata calda. During the month of October in Autunno, or Autumn, Italy is well known for their torta di zucca, or pumpkin pie.

Whether you’re there to visit or there to stay, there is something you’ll truly love, like picturesque mountains and breathtaking views.

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I’m Christopher Carovillano, aka The Italian Guru. Thank you!

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