Learn Italian Language Food Vocabulary / Speak Italian Fast with Images #LearnItalian #Languages

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Learn Italian Language Food Vocabulary / Speak Italian Fast with Images.

With the images provided and voice over you can learn Italian and speak Italian quickly, easily, and fast.

I used the images from my own authentic, at home cooked, Sunday dinner so I can teach you Vocabulary words.

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Words learned in the video:
Ravioli – Ravioli
Sauce – Sugo
Sausages – Salsicce
Meatballs – Polpette
Cipolla – Onion
Ribs – Costole
Lamb – Agnello
Potatoes – Patate
Squash – Zucca
Squash with breadcrumbs – Zucca con pangrattato
Salad – Insalata
Almonds – Mandorle
Cabbage – Cavolo
Olives – Olive
Blueberries – Mirtilli
Strawberries – Fragole
Japanese Persimmons – Fuyū (self)
Grapes – Uva
Fruit – Frutta

Thanks for coming to Sunday Funday and Sunday Special.

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