Baseball In Italy | 3 Instagram “Models” Banned For Flashing in MLB | #TrashyTuesday

Welcome to #TrashyTuesday where 3 “IG MODELS” were banned for breaking code of conduct by flashing themselves in the World Series Game 5 of the MLB.

BUT… On a different note… I welcome you to my channel so you can learn about #Italian #Baseball and the rules and regulations.

I teach you the IBL, ITALIAN BASEBALL LEAGUE, CAMPIONATO ITALIANO DI BASEBALL, FIBS, ITALIAN BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL FEDERATION, the teams that play in Italy and where, the major ballgame difference of 162 games versus 42 games in the IBL.

Finally, The World Series if you will, is called Lo Scudetto.

#LearnItalian And #SpeakItalian With #TheItalianGuru AKA #CHRISTOPHERCAROVILLANO

#PleaseSubscribe #Pimsleur #RosettaStone


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