The Top 25 ITALIAN Geographic Vocabulary You Must Know

In this video I teach you the 25 Italian geographical vocabulary terms that you must know. Whether you are studying in school, a first-time learner, or even simply brushing up on your geography, this is the perfect place to learn Italian, speak Italian, and harness new vocabulary on geography.

The words covered:
Geography, continent, Island, Mountain, volcano, Lake, sea, Land, Ocean, Coast, beach, plain, Valley, River, Hill, Cliff, Plateau, Forest, desert, waterfall, cave, Bay, Headland, Cove, peninsula.

Geografia, continente, isola, montagna, vulcano, lago, mare, terra, oceano, costiera, spiaggia, pianura, valle, fiume, collina, altopiano, foresta, deserto, cascata, grotta, baia, promontorio, cala, penisola.

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