Poem of the Day and Italian Word of the Day

Writing has been an outlet for me… I am glad to share the works that I create. Please bear in … More

Words of the Day

Words of the Day: Teach Peace – Insegnare Pace Teach – Insegnare Peace – Peace I’ve learned that inner #peace … More


I’ve learned that inner #peace is the single & most solitary #powerful element. I’ve learned to #love & I’ve learned … More

Word of the day

Word of the Day: Path – Sentiero The path – Il sentiero A path – Un sentiero The paths – … More

Word of the Day

#Vitality. Grab a seat on this bench! Being by the #water always is pleasant. #Studies have shown, and I guess … More

Word of the Day

What a breathtaking sunset. Word of the day: Sunset: Tramonto The sunset: Il tramonto Sunsets: Tramonti The sunsets: I tramonti … More

Word of the day

To me, being by a body of water is just serenity. One of my favorite places to visit and pass … More