Learn Italian Language Vocabulary: Italian Word of the Day – Deer/Cervo(i) 🦌

Deer – CervoThe deer – Il cervoA deer – Un cervoDeer (plural) – CerviThe deer (plural) – I cerviwww.TheItalianGuru.comhttp://www.theitalianguru.wordpress.comhttp://www.YouTube.com/theitalianguruhttp://www.instagram.com/christophercarovillanohttp://www.instagram.com/realitalianguruhttp://www.facebook.com/realitalianguruhttp://www.realitalianguru.tumblr.comhttp://www.twitter.com/realitalianguruE-Mail: theitalianguru@gmail.comhttps://youtu.be/5sv6HdfyW6sMy … More

Italian Word of the Day and Italian Article of the Day

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Italian Article of the Day

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