Learn Italian: L’alfabeto italiano – The Italian Alphabet – EASY!

In the instructional YouTube video which can be found by visiting, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBHs55zHZNs&t=91s, I teach and show you how to use the correct spelling and how to use the correct pronunciation of the 21 letters used in the Italian alphabet. I also show you how to remember the 5 letters that are omitted in the Italian language. It is interesting and important to know that the letters J, K, W, X, and Y, are seen and used with words that are borrowed from other languages. For instance, the word “Jeans” is borrowed and Italians will use that word to describe or label that specific article of clothing.

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This blog post was crafted and created by The Italian Guru also known as Real Italian Guru. This blog post was designed for all viewers and readers to learn Italian and to utilize these free Italian lessons in a way to build structure and provide material in learning the Italian language. The Author of this blog and its content is Christopher Vincent Carovillano / Christopher V. Carovillano / Christopher Carovillano. The material herein this blog is © Copyrighted, with ® Registered ™ Trademarks of The Italian Guru and Real Italian Guru belonging to the said Author. No material from may be used unless given full authorization and disclosure from the said Author, Christopher Vincent Carovillano. All Rights Reserved.


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