Oh, why pretend to cry,

You’re very sly.

Just a simple turn,

Can leave such a burn.

It is easy to callously walk,

Without giving reason to talk.

That’s the cowardice you show,

It’s rather the only method you know.

I hope to see change within you,

So I can welcome another Bienvenue.

As of now it’s pretty much gone,

And there comes the point where the line must be drawn.

It’s been a fun ride, sure,

But it seems those intentions were never pure, this writing outlet happens to be the cure.

-christopher v. carovillano

*This is not about anybody, it is a simple poem written in roughly 5 minutes.

#poem #writer #poet #cry #girl #boy #romance #breakup #love #theitalianguru #realitalianguru #christophercarovillano


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