Learn Italian Language Vocabulary: ITALIAN Word of the Day – Cockerel/Rooster(s)/Gallo(i)

Cockerel/Rooster: Gallo
The cockerel/The rooster: Il gallo
A cockerel/A rooster: Un gallo

Cockerels/Roosters: Galli
The cockerels/The roosters: I galli

This YouTube link: https://youtu.be/MTOGhzc60P0


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My name is Christopher Vincent Carovillano and my objective to you is to have you learn Italian fast, easy, and free with my Italian Word of the Day. These videos and entries are fun, easy, funny, cheesy, short and simple Italian Language lessons delivered to your notification feed. Learn something new every day! Subscribe, tap the bell (YouTube), like, and comment so you never miss a thing!

Warm regards,
Christopher Vincent Carovillano
P.S. “Learning new words every day keeps the Language barrier at bay.”

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