20 Facts About Italy You Probably Didn’t Know

In this educational video, I provide to you 20 facts about Italy that you probably didn’t know! Like how pizza originated in Naples. Or how ~€3,000 daily is tossed into the Fontana di Trevi. How the only active volcanoes are in italy, 3 of them to be specific. The most cheese variety is in Italy, and how there’s red wine on tap, a bronze Jesus Christ statue in the Mediterranean Sea, etc., Just watch the video, like, comment, and subscribe!

Please watch the video to learn twenty facts and to increase your knowledge!

Thank you for visiting!

The Italian Guru / Christopher Carovillano

#LearnItalian #SpeakItalian #TheItalianGuru #christophercarovillano #facts #FactFriday #Italy


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